Inkjet acts in that non definable world of experiments with sound and extreme music mainly though intervews with bands and artists who have been pushing forward the boundaries of weirdness.

an interview with score based borderline music composers NO PA ON

Black Death Metal ammo and Råpunk cold steel. She is ready for war

an interview about Antipsychiatry and haikus with italian noisecore mongers Ebola, and raves

Dona Ferentes talks about his decades-long practice, the influence of minimalism, and gigging in the forests of the Apennines.

Maverick violinist and field recorder Katt Hernandez chats with noise duo Format about improvisation, composition and extreme live music.

in this short interview Babayaba talks about cybergrind, sound system technologies, squats and raves

Powerviolence, punk, and the grind of touring... Failure is an ideologically based band that knows how to laugh

In this interview, Susanne J and Mattias E discuss harshnoise, graphic novels and the importance of working outside of the mainstream

Systemet’s Italian tour: a stagedive into underground housefestivals in Rome, Ravena, Udine and Padua

Swedish metalmaniacs and deathdoom drunkards Sepulchral Frost talk with Wilhelm Valencia about Stockholm, violence and hell

Gavin Maycroft talks about the evolution of his label, the artists he supports, and his work as a producer.

Movie maker, artists, musician. A peak into Larsson's weird reality made of puppets and strange sugar fanzines. A true DIY artist with a versatile edge.

With members from Joklo Duo, Gelba and Sfulmini, Melting Mind is a supergroup making supernoise…if you love tapes and absurd trips try it!

Tape music for tape people. Målgrupp talkes about how he works with tapes, the logic behind his releases and his work as a promoter