Videogame addict and nerd, Dark Demon reviews the weirdest games from the indie universe. More than 20 years of gameplay makes his crypt a gamers must.

violence in the videogame industry

a brief introduction to modding

a new form of marketing explained

sci-fi [type] racing [genre] single/multiplayer [mode]

cyberpunk [type] shoot' em' up [genre] single/coop online [mode]

socio-political [type] rhythm game [genre] single/local multiplayer [mode]

horror [type] FP adventure [genre] singleplayer [mode]

fantasy-horror [type] metroidvania [genre] singleplayer [mode]

fantasy [type] card game [genre] singleplayer [mode]

fantasy [type] action-adventure [genre] singleplayer [mode]

philosophical [type] journey [genre] singleplayer [mode]

fantasy-horror [type] rogue-lite [genre] singleplayer [mode]