27 | Veneto Noise Crew

special issue text and images by veneto noise crew

26 | GIVE UP

nicola giunta [collage] ben speth [i give up] sps [never give up] dark demon [videogame violence] g. demarchi [lettera] g. della mancia [poem] erika ratti [arco] aurore billion [balade à bruxelles] inkjet [belur math]


isak hedtjärn [interview] emperor of the forest [pictures] g. della mancha [poem] g. demarchi [a quella celeste] erika ratti [drawing] sps [portrature of my life]

24 | NO PA ON

special issue interview and scores by no pa on

23 | consense

systemet [cover] ben speth [zeroes and 1’s] dark demon [modding] g. della mancha [poem] g. demarchi [tagliarsi] sps [consense]

22 | the law

yxxan [interview] anthony pasquarosa [cover] ben speth [obay] dark demon [dlc] g. della mancha [soy] g. demarchi [equilibrio]

21 | psych

ebola [interview] nicola giunta [cover] ben speth [unnatural acts] dark demon [redout] g. della mancha [frio] g. demarchi [sprofondamento]

20 | plague

dona ferentes [interview] dark demon [synthetic] ben speth [isolation] format, hernandez, sps [tour] sps [in the corner of the eye]

19 | smash

katt hernandez [interview] jenny soep [cover] sps [hyper] ben speth [noise] gabriele marchina [art] dark demon [selva nera]

18 | ieee

bbyb [interview] acidokdel [cover] sps [all is on drugs] ben speth [helsinki] dark demon [pride run]

17 | chaos

failure ↓ [interview] t bare mcclough [cover] ben speth [found footage] sps [meetings]  dark demon [>observer]

16 | drom

systemet [postcard] karl boson [cover] dark demon [bloodstained] sps [format]

15 | anarchy

wormgod [interview] susanne johansson [cover] mattias elftorp [illustration] dark demon [slay the spire] sps [anarchy in the SWE]

14 | stagedive

systemet [italian tour report] alx [collage] poisonous cunt [the church] dark demon [moonlighter] sps [festival of life]

13 | winter

systemet [winter album] abyss festival [gothemburg] dark demon [everything] sps [life is amaze]

12 | hell

michele mazzani [la ninfa] sepulchral frost [interview] hennies, elggren, courtis dark demon [suggestions] sps [off white]

11 | chains

oma333 [interview] david richardson [cover] dark demon [dead cells] p.a.p.a. [borderline] sps [chains]

10 | sps

special issue drawings by sps

09 | trauma

masiero sgrinzatto [cover] portable dogs, jon collin pissgrave, undergang noise against fascism trauma fest [plan b] sps [mental health care]

08 | tragedy

peter larsson [interview] singö music fest sps [tragedy]

07 | tick

inkjet [mälaren churches] sons of otis, bongzilla [live] sps [sl] della manca [noche antigua]

06 | christian lofwall

special issue interview and drawings by christian löfwall

05 | sport

aurore billion [riunione] davide tidoni [the stadium] nihil ad [nike punks] sps [the snowflake theory] tetatet [strips]

04 | ordningsvakt bastard

dead rythm fest [kraken] maternal voice showcase tetatet [strips] sps [dream team]

03 | pulp

third edition [fylkingen] sps [one of those faces] inkscape [pulp story] erika ratti [love letter] tetatet [strips]

02 | antifascist

melting mind [interview] the antifascists [documentary] peter 1987-2017 [mdt] inkjet [eyesperm] tetatet [strips]

01 | stockholm

målgrupp [interview] warthog [dead rythm fest] pain jerk [fylkingen] eyal & dubois [operan] sex dwarf & massgrav [snövit]